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"The Real Art Stroman"

"Hardest thing to do in life, is to believe in something you can't see"

~Art Stroman~

Founder of AVI 

AVI Mission

We Motivate, Inspire and Mentor our clients to see their possible future, and to believe it can be obtained.

The 3 to 5 yr Rule of Thumb for Entrepreneurs

"Most People Quit Before They Ever Give Themselves A Real Shot"

Art Stroman Signature


There's never a dull or non-insightful conversation with Art. He's super resourceful with a willingness to share and help anyone achieve their goals soundly!

Sam Walker Public Speaker & CEO of Sam Walker Inspo

Art is one of the most dependable, consistent and strikingly good looking models to have ever graced the pages of our publications which include Krave, Krave Fit and Weight2Wear Magazines. For over 10 years Art has delivered and it was a honor to name him one of the Top Male Models to watch in 2019. But above all else he's a good guy and great family man. There's only a handful of guys in this industry I can undoubtedly vouch for and Art is at the top of the list for sure.

William Young Publisher and Owner of Krave, Krave Fit & Weight2Wear

As a young entrepreneur it's very hard to find people who will help you in the industry because they see you as competitors, but not Art. I have developed both a professional and friend relationship with Art as he taught me a lot in a short time from helping me start my own clothing line to speaking at my own public speaking engagements, this is the definition of a confident businessman! Art has always answered my questions and treated me as a brother not a competitor and has definitely helped me elevate my business to the next level, when you're looking for a teacher who wants to truly bring out the best in others, look no further!

Darnell Newman Owner of 2020 Auto Spa & Co Owner of Prepstart Lifestyles


Ron Cooke Regional Events Director / Lord & Taylor Department Stores

Art's ambition and entrepreneurship inspired me to create my own brand "Longevity Clothing".

Big salute to you King!

Eric Williams Army Vet and CEO of Longevity Clothing

Art has been a consistent source of motivation and inspiration. Personally observing him influence others to succeed while he simultaneously accomplishes each goal he sets out to achieve has given countless people the desire to overcome any obstacle to achieve their dreams!

Timothy Cook Active Duty 1st SGT U.S Army

AVI Foundation

Veteran Owned